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I love Thigbe. They do an amazing job for all my electric needs! I’d, without question, recommend them! Great people to work with.

Kelly G.

WOW! My electric bill was cut in half…also they just send me an email once a month telling me how much they are going to take out of my account a week before it’s due. If you’d like to save money on electricity, this is the way to do it! Big thanks to Mike and Erika for all their work and good communication.

Rees A.

VERY pleased with this company. We use them for our residential electricity and our business electricity account. They are personable, responsive, easy to work with, accommodating, etc. Not to mention it is a local company that saves all the clients’ money on electricity. They do the research, paperwork, etc. for you. Give them a call.

Pauline F.

What We Do for You


Give 1/3 rd of our small fee to the partnered charity you choose.


Shop for the best electricity plans, typically saving you 20% to 50%.


Split utility costs/rent/other bills between roommates automatically. No hassle. No fuss.


We work FOR YOU. We don’t get paid by the suppliers so you know we are looking out for your best interests.


Manage all the electric bills (and any other utility bill you want) for you – tracking usage, costs, dealing with any customer service issues and getting the bills paid.

The Best Energy Contract

With 26 years of experience shopping for electricity, we know a good contract from a bad one. We will shop around to find the best energy contract to save you the most money.

Bill Management

Thigbe will fully manage your energy bills for you. We make sure you’re not falsely charged, and we send you the invoice with everything explained in detail. We then pay the bill for you.

Real Customer Service

We don’t like talking to automated voices, so why should you? If you call Thigbe, a real person will answer your call and help you with whatever you need…the old-fashioned way!

Internet Services

Wifi is something almost everybody uses every day. We will help set up the right internet contract for you and manage those bills resulting in saved time and money back in your pocket.

Roommate Cost Share

Do you have a roommate(s)? No problem! Thigbe can help split the cost of your utilities between y’all. No more asking your roomie to pay you back. We’ll handle that for you.

Natural Gas Setup

You need help with natural gas too? Thigbe will take care of setting up natural gas at your house or business and manage the bills as well. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?

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Giving Back.

A company that exists to give more. We give time, expertise and service to our customers, while simultaneously growing their community involvement. We also increase our clients ability to give by saving them time and money.

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Download the Thigbe App!

Have a mobile phone?  New customers can sign up for service through Thigbe’s app.  Current customers can view all their past invoices, usage history and more! Search “Thigbe” in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.  Or click the appropriate link below.